3FM Project


Designed by Ian Warner and Brendan Boyle at Boyle Design Group

Consultation room development: Innovision

Photography: Conor McCabe

Project Management, strategy and content development: Karen Jones, Gibney Communications

CGI: RPS Group

Categories: Identity / Exhibition / Other

Industry: Civic

The 3FM Project is the third and final Masterplan project needed to bring Dublin Port to its ultimate capacity by 2040. The 3FM Project is a key part of Dublin Port Company’s commitment under Masterplan 2040 to provide additional capacity for future growth by maximising the use of existing port lands. The proposed development focuses on Dublin Port Company-owned lands on the Poolbeg Peninsula, where one-fifth of the Dublin Port estate is located. This is also known as the south port area.

We worked with the clients to create a flexible identity for the 3FM Project, developing a grid-based icon referencing the plots of land on the Poolbeg Peninsula and their various uses. This icon provided a common theme for all the elements of the project, to be reordered and rearranged as required.

The first phase of the project was the initial public conversation. These are usually held in-person, in workshops with the local community and stakeholders, but due to covid restrictions in place at the time, a virtual room was developed to allow all users to have access without the need for in-person gatherings.

The virtual room featured a series of information points, with videos, information booklets, downloadable pdfs, maps and image libraries to provide users with an in-depth guide to the initial project. An area was also provided to allow visitors to submit their thoughts, and any feedback on the first phase, before an official public consultation was launched.

Our work comprised the creation of the identity, the look of the virtual pullups, the main document and downloads, along with advertising, social media, information sheets and billboards to inform the public.