51N4E: Double or Nothing (2011)

2011 Selection

Designed by Wayne Daly at AA Print Studio

Art Director: Zak Kyes

Author: 51N4E

Printer: Cassochrome

This exhibition catalogue for the Brussels-based architecture practice 51N4E employs a strict set of formal rules. Images appear only on right hand pages, with text and captions on left hand pages. The chronology of the work is de-emphasised, with the projects instead being sequenced in terms of visual relationships, and operating in a kind of loop, encouraging the reader to start wherever they like. The formal case-binding is contrasted inside by rough, newsprint-like stock.

Before final binding, the fore-edge of the book was treated using a process normally reserved for perfect binding, where the spine of a book block is cut with glue wells.

Winner best exhibition catalogue, British Book Design Awards 2011.