A Grand Time


Designed by David Stanley at Red Dog

Website Development: David Stanley

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Website: itma.ie/newfoundland

ITMA holds the largest collection of Irish traditional music, song and dance in existence. They approached us to design and develop new digital exhibition.

This was the first exhibition in a series, so the platform and identity system had to be adaptable for future exhibitions. It includes many different formats of materials, including manuscripts, images, sound and video, so we had to devise an effective way categorise them. We assigned a colour and icon to each type of content to distinguish them.

The exhibition came with a vast amount of reference material and metadata, and it’s presentation had to be considered so it didn’t disrupt the user experience. All metadata was placed in a modal pop-up, therefore the narrative isn’t disrupted, but the information is accessible for anyone who needs it.

We created a logotype and visual language for the exhibition. The visual language is inspired by the counter forms within the ITMA logotype and is used as a device to accommodate imagery. The colour palette is derived from the hues of the photography and changes when the site is loaded.