A late evening in the future Signal Spectre System: Gerard Byrne

2018 Selection

Designed by Peter Maybury at Peter Maybury

Editor: Sven Anderson

Editor: Gerard Byrne

Editor: Peter Maybury

‘A late evening in the future’ was the title given to three solo exhibitions by artist Gerard Byrne in France, Switzerland and Australia, Using video works by Gerard Byrne, time is divided according to scheduled permutations, repeated without pattern for the duration of each exhibition. ‘A late evening in the future: Signal Spectre System’ takes photographic documentation from each exhibition venue combined with screen imagery generated specifically for the publication to

translate/transmediate the immersive temporal experience of an exhibition with complex combinations of multiple works unfolding across a sequence of rooms.

Containing five texts, two bi-lingual editions (French-English and German-English) were published.

Material is deployed throughout the book to relate the sense of the through-view, of simultaneous views and of peripheral views within the exhibition space. Multiple images of each work recur throughout the publication though each instance is different. Works are foregrounded or recede. Monitors displaying the films were set up and photographed to the specific requirements of a layout.

Over this image construction a grid is employed to structure and integrate text. The images function in parallel with the text rather than as illustration.

This book was an editorial collaboration between Sven Anderson, Gerard Byrne and Peter Maybury.