A Life In Food

2020 Selection

Designed by Nico Tracey (Freelance)

Photography: Marissa Mocenigo

Categories: Printed Publication / Print / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Art direction / Bookdesign / Book

A Life in Food chronicles the story and recipes of an Italian American grandmother; the repertoire of food found in this book juxtaposes classic Italian cooking with modern American cuisine—the end result, a book filled with crowd pleasing comfort food and the life of a woman who passed all of this on to her family. 

Marissa Mocenigo came to me with a selection of personal recipes and collected ephemera to design a cookbook dedicated to her late grandmother; Gloria. Compelled by the heritage and stories within the recipes, the publication utilises typography inspired by that found in Gloria’s old recipe books, fresh contemporary food photography contrasting with playful overlays of scanned handwritten notes & old family photographs.