A Lust For Life Mindfulness Animations


Designed by Oisin Ralph, Kevin King and Conor Smyth at Piquant Media

Categories: Screen

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Illustration / Digital

The A Lust For Life Schools Programme aims to build resilience, increase well-being, and enhance the emotional literacy of primary school children. We worked with A Lust For Life to create animations to accompany a series of guided meditations, reflecting the tone and theme of each lesson.

Some children don’t feel comfortable fully closing their eyes during mindfulness exercises. The goal of these animations was to capture the theme of the exercise, pulling the student’s focus and encouraging them to immerse themselves in the exercise, accommodating to their comfort levels and preventing distractions from their peers and surroundings.

These animations were developed to best engage with the identified demographic, 6-10 year olds, as opposed to live video recordings of people or voice actors. Centred around mindfulness and mental health, children will creatively learn about their well-being and self-care.