A Soundscape of Notes and the s paces between

2020 Selection

Designed by Kimberly Goes

Printed: Or Studio

Binding: The Salvage Press

Categories: Publication

Industry: Self-initiated

Tags: Visual art / Book

‘A Soundscape of Notes and the s paces between’ carries forward research undertaken during a series of solitary and collaborative walks as part of ‘The Drive of Walking’ masterclass (2016) at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Netherlands. Self-reflective and experimental in its approach, this publication is a collection of notes, impressions and reflections on/during these walks. This is followed by visual scores depicting a soundscape exercise carried out by a group of participants. They can be described as experimental graphic scores to the city of Maastricht reflecting the time and place of another, some of which may never be heard again.

The intent of the ‘Soundscape of Notes and the s paces between’ is to be read and viewed as sound bites or as songs part of a record, each of which can be experienced in its entirety or individually, with infinite pauses as each page unfolds.

The publication was featured at the Dublin Art Book Fair 2020.