A Thing of Beauty

Designed by David Smith at Atelier David Smith

Curators: Kiko Farkas & Rico Lins

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Typography

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What Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Brazil?

Brazil has a symbolic place in the imagination of all of us. To spur a dialogue with the Brazilian design community, every member of AGI was sent a short introduction on aspects of the Brazilian identity and invited to create an A1 format poster in response for an exhibition in Sao Paulo in October 2014.

My response was to track the direction of the greatest team goal ever scored. A true thing of beauty...

“That this is football’s apogee is not seriously in dispute… it might legitimately be argued that this also represents the apex of all sport… of all art. Group art, at least, for it is difficult to imagine a collective exhibition of greatness to match Brazil’s fourth and final goal in the 1970 World Cup final.” The Guardian