Abbey Theatre 110 Year Anniversary (2014)

2014 Selection

Designed by Stephen Ledwidge and Mark O'Brien at Zero-G

Video: Myles Shelly

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Campaign

In 2014 Abbey Theatre celebrated their 110th anniversary. As part of the celebrations on the 27th of December the theatre hosted a gala performance for members and friends.

Zero-G works with the Abbey Theatre to create a number of installations within the theatre for the event. A timeline highlights key events during their 110 year history and illustrates their connection to social, political & cultural events of the time. Patrons were invited to participate in remembering their own moments of connection with the theatre by contributing to the sharing display, situated in the lobby. A short video, recorded on a single morning in the city centre, where members of the public and actors recite a passage from Sean O’Casey’s Juno and The Paycock, connects the theatre with the people of Dublin. The video was displayed at the gala event as well as through the theatre’s website and social media channels.