Across Borders - Across the Board

2020 Selection

Designed by Cath Buckley at CI Studio

Art Direction: Mel O'Rourke/Philip Mitton

Print: Plus Print

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Cover / Programme / Culture / Book

Creative Europe Culture Sub-Programme, Irish Projects 2017 – 2019.

The Creative Europe Programme supports projects that seek to develop the professionalism of artists; encourage exchanges of skills amongst their partners; reach new audiences across Europe and foster collaboration with diverse communities in a broad range of contexts.

This book is a showcase of these 49 Irish case studies with the design forming a backdrop to the work created and the artists involved. The idea of reflection and journey became the central themes of this publication which are communicated throughout using a strong pathway graphic to convey the timescale of the journey between 2017 – 2019, bold colour with a pop of fluoro red spot inside and a striking reflective metallic screen-printed Mirriboard for the cover, conveying the energy and range of these projects.