Across Borders – Across the Board Book 2


Designed by Cath Buckley at CI Studio

Art Direction: Mel O'Rourke & Philip Mitton

Printer: Plus Print

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

The Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme supports projects that seek to develop the professionalism of artists; encourage exchanges of skills amongst their partners; reach new audiences across Europe and foster collaboration with diverse communities in a broad range of contexts. 

Following on from Book 1, this book details 20 projects between January 2020 – September 2020. We carried through with the graphic style and layout of the first book while introducing a new iridescent foil, a pop of bright yellow and a new, fresh complementary palette. Published in 2022, this book is a showcase of Irish case studies with the design forming a backdrop to the work created and the artists involved. The challenge for us was to create a wayfinding system throughout the publication which would made it easy for the user to locate each of the different projects which were categorised within five funding strands. It was also an important consideration that the design celebration the projects undertaken.  

Each funding strand was allocated a different colour range throughout, and coloured circle graphics helped further simplify the sections and projects. Clean typography and layout makes the publication easy to navigate and legibility was optimised through the choice and size of font.