Act Like You’ve Got It

2020 Selection

Designed by Noelle Cooper, Chris Fullam, Colin Farmer, Alex Connolly and Kate McCauley at Unthink

Copywriting: Laura Woulfe

Illustrator: Ruan Van Vliet

Categories: Social Media

Industry: Civic

Tags: Illustration / Typography / Motion Design

As part of the wide range of Government initiatives to help curb the spread of Covid-19, we were asked to create an Instagram stories campaign specifically targeted at young adults. The communications team worked with a group of 18–25 year olds to ensure messaging was on point. This Creative Counsel created the brief and informed the copywriting, ensuring outputs were appropriate and empathetic to the target audience. 

Our own creative counsel of interns and recent graduates helped inform our design process. We came up with a series of scenarios that suggested ways to stay safe, without compromising your fun. Illustrator Ruan Van Vliet brought the concepts to life, adding his distinctive style and wit. The final motion pieces blended the jolly illustration with quirky type choices and simple movement which were shared on social channels.