A’DAM Colourful Songs (Hoarding)

2014 Selection

Designed by Garech Stone and Declan Stone at The Stone Twins

Photographer: Jasper Juinen

Categories: Environmental / Identity

Industry: Cultural

Website: adamtoren.nl

At first glance, this 170m construction site hoarding simply features a pattern of colourful arrows. However, closer inspection reveals that each colour corresponds to a song with a colour in its title. 166 different songs such as Purple Haze, Little Green Bag, Black Veil, Red Alert and Blue Monday are featured on the hoarding, and a special A’DAM Spotify playlist: http://tinyurl.com/kucacoq

A’DAM is the new name for the former Shell HQ in Amsterdam. As well as an abbreviation for Amsterdam, it also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’. The tower is currently being redeveloped into offices for the music/creative industry and a mix of restaurants/bars/clubs. The music theme reflects the core business of the developers (ID&T, AIR and MassiveMusic) and their ambition to transform the tower into an epicentre for the music/creative community.