2013 Selection

Designed by Ronan Devlin at Jein Devlin

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Visual art / Film

Poster series to promote the audiovisual (projected light) work 'Afterimage' by Ronan Devlin with music by David J. Knowles. It was designed to be shown on a large scale to create a relaxing, contemplative space.

For each showing of the work a one off digitally printed promotional poster was designed to the same proportions and two dimensional grid inherent to each frame of the work itself. Each poster is intended to capture the illusory three dimensional effect(s) and meditative qualities of the piece.

Each digitally enhanced poster has been encoded with 'Layar' technology, allowing viewers to access a 2 minute video excerpt of the 16 minute work via the printed poster and a free downloadable APP. The research and development of the enhanced posters was kindly funded by the Arts Council of Wales.