Agenda Brand Project


Designed by Andrew Blood and Judy Cecil at Principle

Photography - Lisbon: Katie Kavangh

Strategy: Gillian Colhoun

Strategy: Andrew Kiernan

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Agenda specialise in the management of international professional medical associations, managing congress, conferences and worldwide exhibitions on their behalf. After an MBO, they commissioned Principle to help them refocus their message. We worked with them to rebrand and develop a clear brand proposition, one that would resonate in the growing medical association market.

Understanding Agenda’s management model was central to our creation of the brand identity. The visual concept is inspired by Agenda's management process, one of adopting the 'skin' of their association clients, seamlessly taking on their shape, their functions, their name.

The new brand includes both visual and verbal identity and a suite of printed and online communications. The client association proposition is encapsulated in the adaptable tagline 'driving dynamic associations’.