Aiken Website

2016 Selection

Designed by Elizabeth Burgess at Slater Design

Creative Direction: Kathryn Wilson

Categories: Website

Industry: Corporate


Aiken is a full service independent communications agency with offices in Belfast and Dublin. As well as supporting companies with their communications strategy, they implement integrated campaigns underpinned by a thirst for stand–out creativity. They approached us to create a website for them in 2016.

As the PR industry is significantly fast paced our challenge was to create a website that could be updated by the client daily with tweets, press releases, stories, soundbites and videos in relation to Aiken and their clients. We created a dynamic homepage or 'Briefing Page' that acts as a news feed and can be filtered for different media.

Aiken are very active socially so each section of the website is peppered with links to articles and tweets that correspond to the content directly. The site design is mobile friendly so potential and current clients can view projects at ease.