Aisling Farinella Identity & Website


Designed by Kevin Horan and Brian Heffernan at Aad

Printer: One Strong Arm

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Fashion / Letterpress


Aisling Farinella is a stylist and fashion director who has built an international career in fashion while developing an array of projects celebrating Irish design culture and creative talent. She is the editor and creative director of Thread, an annually published print magazine which considers fashion as a design culture and a community. Her work as a Fashion Director has seen her take the role of Fashion and Textiles Advisor for the Irish Design 2015 campaign and consult with Kildare Village on an educational programme that nurtures emerging Irish talent.

We worked with Aisling to refresh her digital presence and visual identity – communicating the breadth of her activity and the depth of her experience. We began by developing a minimal but distinctive identity to subtly frame the work, which takes centre stage.

Aisling wanted to surface both recent projects and her extensive archive and to celebrate the quality and talent of her collaborators, while retaining a clarity of purpose in the overall site. The portfolio side of the project celebrates the visual and allows the end product to speak for itself. For her work as a fashion director we use a broader, more flexible approach to share the context for her work.