All Bread is Made of Wood


Designed by Kate Brangan and Jo Little at Or Studio

Curator: Anne Mullee

Risograph Printing: Or Studio

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

‘All Bread is Made of Wood’, a public art project commissioned by Fingal County Council. Curator, Anne Mullee, invited artists Fiona Hallinan and Sabina MacMahon to contemplate bread and its elements as a vehicle for the transference of knowledge and memory as embodied in its production. The project takes it’s title from the Margaret Atwood poem of the same name. It is composed of a series of private and public interactions, including recipe salons with a local African women’s group and the area’s older population, and public events where hypotheses of bread and its elements are anatomised and considered.

Our design centres around forming memories through repetition, and the act of remembering layered with the inevitable nuances that are ingrained in verbal histories and haptic learning. Taken from Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, the statement ‘Repetition is a form of change’, helped us to form the basis of a graphic response to the brief. A self contained identity that evokes repetition through use. The nature of the typographic composition encourages the audience to repeat the title over and over again. Accompanied by a graphic system that includes photographic and illustrative imagery as visually tangible interruptions to the story.