Álla Studios


Designed by Bob Gray at Red&Grey

Research: Leah Bredendieck

Typography: Bobby Tannam

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Fashion

Website: alla-studio.com

Alla Sinkevich is a sustainable fashion designer-maker born in Ukraine, schooled in Belarus. For her brand identity we looked to some of her most iconic work for inspiration. Her ‘Existential Nomad’ collection of felted garments obscures the form in a very sculptural way, which, along with the exaggerated postures of fashion models, form the logotype. The logotype was created as a variable typeface, allowing for an added dynamism in the characters.

A colour palette of greys mimics the raw material of un-dyed wool, and the industrial processes involved in making the garments. The identity is intended to be timeless, in keeping with the longevity of the garments, which themselves live at the intersection of clothing and artefact.