2022 Selection

Designed by Rory McCormick, David Torpey and James Tuomey at Image Now

Photography: Matthew Thompson

Copywriting: Sheila M. Averbuch

Web Development: Dave Haughton

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Poster / Photography / Typography / Digital / System


Altnua specialises in site discovery and development across solar and storage projects. Our challenge was to develop a connected strategy and visual identity, creating a brand built on the strength of the company’s ethos. 

Most renewable energy providers focus on the planet – our strategy flipped this, highlighting people as the primary benefactors. This approach is clear in Altnua’s vision: “To find, foster and forge renewable development partnerships for future energy solutions”. We see Altnua as cultivators of the land whose crop is solar energy. To them, community and partnerships are as important as technological innovation. They are earthy outliers among colder and more clinical competitors; a position that gives them cut-through in a noisy and fast-growing market. 

The logo-mark portrays infinite motion – the essence of renewable energy. This dynamic construct evokes the surface of a solar panel and the whirr of a wind turbine. The mark was designed to work as a pattern at small and large sizes, a nod to the cyclical nature of cultivation and the patterns found in fields of crops. The colour palette is inspired by the luminescent sky and the rich pastures of our land.  

Location photography brings scale and gravitas to design applications – particularly the website – by celebrating the colour and drama of agricultural landscapes.

Our visionary tagline: ‘Find. Foster. Forge.’ is an ambitious mantra to drive the organisation forward. The condensed typeface Druk pays tribute to iconic activist posters, calling out our collective responsibility to protect our planet and each other.