Ana Liffey Drug Project identity


Designed by Graham Thew at Fumbally Exchange

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Ana Liffey Drug Project provides both frontline

and online services to over 2000 people affected by problem substance use a year. It provides a progressive, compassionate and innovative service, that aims to reduce harm to individuals and society affected by problem substance use with respect, dignity & pragmatism.

Working with both mainstream society and a marginalised community, the new identity needed to be both professional & gritty and to be an instantly recognisable, simple mark.

The final logo represents the Liffey as a journey or a route to a better way of life. The sharp nature of the waves here have a sense of personal conflict, of ups & downs. The feel of the logo reflects an urban experience, referencing street markings and signage. Finally, the choice of a single dynamic orange for the identity evokes taking positive and energised action.