Anne Yeats: The Everyday Fantastic (Exhibition Identity & Design)


Designed by Ross Curran and Clare Mason at designworks

Categories: Environmental / Identity / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Anne Yeats: The Everyday Fantastic explores the artist’s archive at the National Gallery of Ireland, a rich resource for understanding her creative processes. The exhibition highlights her creativity, observation, experimentation, failure and progress through a diverse range of creative practices and territories. 

We were commissioned to produce the exhibition identity and interpretation design – supporting the rotating display of artefacts, journals, sketches and doodles with floor-to-ceiling graphics that help welcome the visitor into Anne’s world, provide context for the work and promote broader understanding of what the Gallery archive is and how the public can engage with it.

The show explores a lifetime of creativity of the gifted Irish painter, costume and set designer, and features a rich selection of works in pen, pencil, ink, oils and mixed media. We wanted to showcase this diversity but also acknowledge the unique archival aspect of the show – revealing the spontaneity and confidence of drawings and ideas that were created only for herself. 

The identity and interpretation design captures the paradox of an artists archive - combining elements of experimentation and imperfection with rigid annotation, order and conservation.