Arran Street East Packaging

2018 Selection

Designed by Seán Harte and Eva Sunderland at M-CO

Illustration: Seán Harte

Logo design: Detail. Design Studio

Categories: Packaging / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration

In 2017 the M.CO team commenced work redesigning the product packaging of a Dublin-based artisan pottery, Arran Street East (ASE) who were faced with multifaceted issues. M.CO collaborated with the team at ASE to better understand their constraints and overall objectives. Applying LEAN principles to the process helped to find a simple, creative solution that minimised waste and maximised available resources. Understanding the perspectives of stockists and manufacturers by consulting with them throughout the 8-month project on matters such as quality, sustainability and scale, we were able to ensure an effective solution was found that benefitted everyone. The M.CO team were able to systematically assess options to identify the most effective solution, solving the practical problems so they could turn their attention to showcasing the vibrancy of the brand and ultimately, designing something beautiful.

A functional, adaptable and sympathetically-designed box was crafted by the team, which reflected the distinguishing grid-window of the pottery building itself. The geometrical design is complemented by hand-drawn illustrations inspired by the handmade pots. The hand-drawn illustrations depict both the process going on inside the shop, and the inspiration outside of it. The repeat imagery used within the grid mirrors the systematic process of handcrafting each pot along the production line. Naturally forming patterns fashioned along the shop display shelves are also reflected in the design. The design essentially gives each customer a small window into life at Arran Street East.

This approach echoes the ASE ethos of designing things that work, merging an architecturally influenced aesthetic and traditional processes to produce useful objects for everyday life, with pattern and symmetry.