Baker Boys

2019 Selection

Designed by Trevor Finnegan and Shane Bonfield at Revert Design

Motion Designer: Barry Chapman

Interior: Noji Architects

Signage: Snow Design

Signage: Reverb

Mural and signage: Wonder and Signs

Marketing: Bua Marketing

Photography: Joshua Michael

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Restaurant


We were approached by Jane and Myles, the owners of the popular seaside cafe Shells, to create the brand and identity for their new Baker Boys project. The premises is situated in the dock / industrial area of Sligo town. They wanted to create a fun, bright, energetic brand that would transform the dark industrial surroundings. They worked with Bua Marketing to create a brand ethos very early in the project which helped us form a clear direction for the brand. We took inspiration from 80’s style American diners as well as creating a mascot style sandwich character called ‘Billy Baker Boy’ in the shape of the letter ‘B’. Through the use of hand painted signage and varied menu positions we succeeded in creating separate Deli and sit-in Cafe spaces under one brand. 

Being situated alongside the docks we took inspiration from the maritime sea flags to create a window pattern which in turn formed the shapes used throughout the branding. We created a smiley face using the two letter B's from the logo and this was applied to merchandise, such as hats and aprons, as well as stamps for the loyalty cards. The website incorporates the use of the brand shapes which are responsive in the background. There was a great collective feel to this project with architects (Noji), owners, marketing and designers working closely together throughout.