Ballymaloe Litfest 2017

2017 Selection

Designed by John Gavin, Colm O'Connor and Leon Murphy

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Ballymaloe have hosted Litfest for the past 5 years. The weekend festival in County Cork is a gathering of the worlds most influential chefs and writers to debate, discuss and demonstrate in all things food. The event is a ‘must do’ on the global food circuit.

The weekend is a colourful, celebratory mix of people and ideas. Based around the theme of Alchemy, we created an identity system to reflect this. The brief for the logo was to create a simple mark that could be taken and applied to multiple scenarios and easily adapted to fit in with the hand-made approach to environments and signage.

For this, their final year, they wanted us to continue to develop the Alchemy theme we had nurtured over the past 4 festivals. The name tweak for 2017 (A Food and Drinks ‘Literacy’ Festival at Ballymaloe) showed intent on the direction of the content of this years festival. It was about bringing more discussion and debate around our food, where it comes from and where it’s going. Sustainability and responsibility were high on the agenda in the many talks over the weekend.

The suite of image compositions, created from thousands of dots of coloured paper, capture the vibrancy of the event itself and also suggest the gathering and mixing of people and ideas.