Ballymun Community Law Centre, Child Protection Animation

2021 Selection

Designed by Cian McKenna (Freelance) with Cian McKenna

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Motion Design / Animation / 3d

This animation was designed to summarise and launch an online content content repository aimed at assisting parents and friends who may have need to engage with the Child Protection process. Several rounds of in-person focus group research sessions were organised by the staff at BCLC, the findings of these were distilled into a short approachable script. This formed the basis for what aimed to be a gentle but informative video that could be used to help parents, relatives or friends looking to engage with the centre or find more information on the process.

The piece was Produced and researched by Barry Edward Fitzgerald (Just Process Belgium). Voice-over by Sally Alana Foran. VO Engineer / Recording by Liam Yelen @ Locky Butler Audio. Thanks to Ciara Murray and Frank Murphy from Ballymun Community Law Centre.