BBC Moments

We were selected from a network of agencies across the UK to work with BBC’s Connected Studio on this ambitious project. Our challenge was to create a new digital experience that appeals to Millennials – a group largely disengaged with making ‘appointments to view’. Our approach started with an investigation into ‘memes’ and how Millennials adapt, recycle and publish micro-content inspired by a significant sharable moment. Could this behavior be harnessed to create a valuable new tool?

We created rich profiles of our typical users and built a series of storyboards to illustrate potential use cases. We employed a user-centred design process to design a user experience for BBC Moments - working within BBC’s Global Experience Language and building on insights from our assembled user test group of media-savvy digital natives.

'BBC Moments' evolved from a tool designed to generate ‘memes' into a mobile first experience that lets users connect with each other whilst enjoying their favourite BBC shows. Users can download branded ‘Emojis’ or ‘animated Gif’ keyboards to their devices and send contextually relevant, rich messages via SMS Twitter or SnapChat – enabling fans to share their favourite moments as well as promote social content discovery for new audiences.