Bean & Goose Packaging

2021 Selection

Designed by Catherine Robertson and Fiona Ennis at Aad

Strategic Partners: wove

Illustration: Aran Quinn, Alana Keenan, Anne O'Hara, Aswin Chacko, Conor Nolan, Staselė Jakunskaitė

Photography: Killian Broderick

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Food and drink / Packaging

Established by Karen and Natalie Keane, Bean and Goose have been crafting artisan chocolate in the Wexford countryside since 2014. We, alongside our sister company, worked with Bean and Goose as strategic and design partners for over 3 years and helped them establish a core strategic driver - 'Packaging stories in chocolate.'

The core design concept of the packaging is to provide a canvas to tell the stories of Bean and Goose chocolate by collaborating with Irish illustrators. Each illustrative route brings its own unique take on stories of Ireland and its people; from stories of Irish flavours and local origin, to stories of the landscape with a bit of magic, to stories of festive people moments.

The flexible packaging design system can easily grow and be updated. Separating the functional or structural packaging from the informational and brand elements enables the client to avail of lower unit values and minimum wastage.