Beara Bitters

2020 Selection

Designed by Alan Murphy at Red Dog

Illustration: Sally Caulwell

Photography: Leo Byrne

Art Direction: Charlotte O’Connell

Categories: Print / Identity / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Food and drink

Website: n/a

Beara Bitters is a new Irish bitters inspired by the Beara Peninsula, a rugged, wild and beautiful peninsula on Ireland’s south-west coast.

As a new bitters jostling for attention on a crowded shelf, Beara Bitters brand needed to strike a balance between heritage, nature and modernity while standing out proudly among other well-established bitters.

The bitters category is dominated by a ‘medicinal/old world’ design approach that tends to be overly ornate and elaborate. Our approach was therefore to create a natural-colour driven illustration style with a modern form and symmetry.

We commissioned Irish illustrator Sally Caulwell to create illustrations for each of the variants - capturing a sense of the bountiful flora associated with the Beara Peninsula.

Sally’s modern take on botanical illustrations acts as a direct call out for each of the flavour variants, wrapping the brand identity in a floral wonderland. The overall effect creates a balance between history and heritage reflected in the typography and the contemporary illustrations.