Beautiful South Branding


Designed by Tom Sutton and Colm O'Brien

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Retail

Beautiful South, named after the 1980’s band, a favourite of our client Gráinne Wynne is located in the bustling suburb of Rathmines, Dublin 6. Gráinne’s vision was clear for her first store, to create a contemporary women's clothing store that centred around niche labels, great design and loving yourself. The store caters for women who want functional, well-made clothes that are timeless yet deliver an edge of originality.

Our approach was empathetic towards Gráinne’s desire to "let the clothes do the talking". We developed a simple typographic lock-up with a heart embellishment, a solution that would be complementary to the interior finishes and clothing textures while also conveying Gráinne’s warm personality.

We worked closely with Gráinne to achieve her vision. A highlight of the project was developing a series of “beautiful” quotes that we used on a variety of touch points. Brand applications included signage, stationery, bags, website and social content.