Becoming: Alice Maher (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by Peter Maybury at Peter Maybury

publisher: Irish Museum of Modern Art

repro and print: MM Artbook printing & repro

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

ISBN: 978-0-907020-92-6

run: 1,000

size: 220 x 285mm portrait

extent: 144pg. + endpapers + covers + 8pg. dustjacket


4/0 + matt laminate onto 150grs Furioso, and silver foil on spine, 100mm flaps


120grs Munken Pure printed PMS877 solid 1/0 with blind emboss front only

2.5mm boards

endpapers: printed 4/4 onto 120grs Munken Pure


144 pages 4/4 onto 150grs Furioso


hard cover, thread sewn in sections, square spine, head and tail bands