Beekon Batches


Designed by Dynamo - MD Jamie Helly at Dynamo

Senior Brand Designer: Derek McGrath

Categories: Packaging / Identity

Industry: Commercial

We were approached by Karen O’Neill, brand founder of Beekon Batches to create a brand for her exciting new start up. The product was a ‘honey refresher’ a play on the traditional mead, crafted using the most natural of ingredients, Honey, Water, Yeast infused with lemon, lime or ginger. 100% natural and lightly carbonated, it has the benefit of being gluten, sulphite and additive free. Beekon Batches was born to capture a taste of nature at a point in time.

Our challenge was to deliver a brand identity and packaging design that captured the energy of the concept. As Beekon Batches is unlike anything that has come before it, we wanted to set the benchmark for this emerging category. The result is an instantly recognisable bottle design inspired by the traditional bee skep in a clean and simplified contemporary glass form.

With bee populations in huge decline and honey the key ingredient, Karen is very much aware that she too has to do her part for the environment and has developed a bee pollinator programme with the ambition being that everywhere that sells Beekon Batches will do at least one thing that supports the programme.