Belmacz website

2018 Selection

Designed by Craig Sinnamon

Developer: Virgile Janssen

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural


Website for Belmacz Gallery, London. The design is a mixture of brutal minimalism and refined elegance to reflect the output of the contemporary art gallery. This aims to create a platform for the artworks, without overly neutralising the attitude of the gallery.

The menu builds from the top left corner and acts as a breadcrumb. The menu changes colour to reflect the exhibition, as do the image loading areas, but settles back to white when not active. This is a way of introducing colour without adversely affecting the artworks. The website also features a jewellery section, to reflect Belmacz's original (and ongoing) origins as a jewellery designer.

The custom title typeface Muggenburg Grotesk Neue was redesigned alongside the website update.