BelongTo — Rainbow Blood

2021 Selection

Designed by Patrick Horan at Boys and Girls

Creative Director: Laurence O'Byrne

Poet/Speaker: FELISPEAKS

End Title V/O: Panti Bliss

Producer: Keeva Bolger

Project Co-Ordinator: Kate Goldsmith

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Typography / Campaign / Social / Charity / PSA / Motion Design / Animation / Pride / Social change / Inclusivity / Motion graphics / Community

1 in 5 people who identify as LGBTI+ have been physically attacked because of their sexuality. Our team at Boys+Girls created a 60” radio spot for BelongTo Youth Services to draw attention to this shocking statistic, entitled ‘Rainbow Blood’ which calls for an end to the violence and a safer future - that’s hopefully somewhere over the rainbow.

This powerful piece of radio, composed and performed by the incredible spoken word poet FELISPEAKS in partnership with IBI and RTÉ, the radio performance was played nationwide on June 25th at 11.59am across local and independent stations - almost every single radio station in Ireland - holding the country’s attention for 60 seconds.

To accompany this brilliant performance, we created this glistening world of abstract colour in motion to represent the LGBTI+ people thriving together to bring a new sense of carefreeness and belonging with the harsh reality that our colour and vibrancy can be quickly dimmed by the dark reality that we as a community face every single day. This gleaming rotating world of colour coming together was then introduced to printed material such as newspaper ads along with social media content. 

Sometimes words can help us to stand up and unite against ignorance, hate and lack of inclusion in society. These words are some of the most powerful to be played on radio airwaves. They challenge us as a society to make sure we create a destination - somewhere over the rainbow - where the LGBTI+ community can feel truly safe, secure and accepted in society.