Designed by David Garavin, Diarmuid Slattery, Tom Gillan and Declan Behan at New Graphic

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Civic

Tags: Digital / Data


“There is nothing better than data to help us make better decisions. Benefacts provides us with this, while reminding us that we live in a society, not an economy.”

Stephen Kinsella, Professor of Economics,University of Limerick

Benefacts are the database of Irish nonprofits. The nonprofit sector is 32,841 organisations that employ 165,075 people. The combined sector turnover is €14.2bn. Benefacts, harvest data from public sources, sort it, analyse it and publish it. Their database is open and searchable. Users can search for nonprofits and view their financial information.

Benefacts came to us because they needed a cohesive brand and website. They needed their colour scheme, typography, imagery treatment and information graphics to work together. We worked closely with them to provide these elements of their visual design. We conducted content structure workshops. These showed how the website structure needed to change to suit the user. Finally we built a new website for them, where their new brand and data analysis can be showcased.