Berlin 1990 / Ghetto A—Z / Wannsee


Designed by David Joyce at The Outside Press

Artist: Lolek

Publisher: The Outside Press

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

A trilogy of books published by the Outside Press in collaboration with the artist Lolek.

Berlin 1990 — a story and series of scraper-board illustrations based on the artists experiences in East Berlin in the early 1990's. Ghetto — an A—Z of Jewish Ghettos illustrating the scale of repression suffered under Fascist rule in Europe during the second World War. Wannsee — a reflection on the events that occurred when Nazi officials gathered in Wannsee, a suburb in Berlin on 20th January 1942.

As an independent producer the Outside Press publishes self-initiated projects, promotes lectures and workshops and collaborates with artists, designers and writers to make work that is playful, challenging and inspiring. This often means focusing on manual and analogue making methods and embracing unconventional ways to produce the work — emerging digital print processes, recycled materials, collage and handmade elements. The Outside Press is about Making Something Out of Nothing.

Lolek is an artist based in Dublin working in stained glass, watercolour, oil painting and scraper-board illustration. Produced in a limited edition of 150 copies the books were digitally printed with folded dust jackets applied by hand and signed by the artist.