Best Buds Belfast

2016 Selection

Designed by Alex Synge at Alex Synge

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Best Buds is an independent florist and botanical shop based in Belfast, founded by the Australian Caitlin McGinnis out of a love of interesting flowers, both local and international. Best Buds’ drive comes from doing what other florists don’t, and Caitlin wanted an identity that would match this. 

A clean and minimal type treatment is punctuated by a three-circle motif. As well as rhythmically tying in with the three words of Best Buds Belfast, it is also the mathematical symbol for "because". It is a subtle tie-in with the reasoning behind why people give flowers to another person - be it for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or just because.

Best Buds are passionate about maintaining a sustainable practice, and as a result we created a system where flowers were wrapped in recycled paper rather than plastic, and recycled paper bags and boxes could be stamped with the Best Buds logos as and when they were needed. We also produced a hard-wearing cotton tote-bag for repeated use.

Best Buds opened their first retail space in the courtyard of the Bullitt Hotel in Belfast in November 2016. I adapted the identity to create a signage system that complemented the space, as well as the existing branding of the hotel. I also designed greetings cards, care instructions for plants and information cards for each of the products sold in the shop.