Between Lines


Designed by Brian Kenny and Shane Bonfield at Lightscape and Revert Design

Art Director & Motion Designer: Afonso Boranga

Creative Director: Ally Morehead

Producer: Brian Kenny

Projectionist: CAVS

Categories: Environmental / Experience / Other

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Art direction / Visual Communications / Culture / Motion / Environment / Motion Design / Animation / Projection / Installation / Design / Ireland / Motion graphics / Community

We developed this typographic projection as part of the St Patricks installations along the River Lee in Cork City. The Irish and English translations, “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” meaning “In the shelter of each other we live”, were projected onto the iconic R&H Hall building, at the Port of Cork. This fantastic projection location has multiple vantage points from across the river as well as other areas around the city centre which was a vital asset to help disperse a large audience during the covid social-distancing stages. 

Design decisions were made to ensure the safety of all viewers so that this piece could be functional without causing a dangerous distraction to any oncoming traffic from the river on Horgan’s Quay. To achieve this, special considerations were made for the type legibility, colour contrast and animation treatments.

The projection came to life when the sun went down in the week leading up to St Patricks day, with large numbers of viewers coming into the city to watch the illuminated spectacle along the north and south-facing quays.