Bewley's Speciality Tea

2016 Selection

Designed by Emma Connolly at RichardsDee

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink

Bewley’s Speciality Tea range is a premium range of loose leaf and pyramid bag teas. A rich and captivating brand history and a wealth of aesthetic influences inspired and informed the stories behind each of the ranges. A style and system that could work across the various challenges and formats of both retail and foodservices packs was developed through illustration, colour and a variant descriptor panel.

Black Tea

Black Tea speaks to voyage and discovery and celebrates the adventures and pioneering spirit of Charles and Ernest Bewley. It is the story of the Hellas Clipper, the ship that sailed from Canton, China into the docks of Dublin 185 years ago and changed the taste of a nation forever.

Fruit & Herbal

The Fruit and Herbal ranges are the perfect expression of flavour and balance. The designs take inspiration from the floral wallpapers in the Grafton Street café and exude a delicacy and elegance of a teahouse experience.

Green Tea

Green Tea draws on the ancient wisdom of the East and the principles we seek out today for healthy living. We took inspiration from the the chinoiserie style adorning ceramic caddies in the Grafton Street café.