Black and Tan / Trouble / The Split

2014 Selection

Designed by David Smith and Clare Lynch (Design) at Atelier David Smith

Print and Lithography: MM Artbookprinting & Repro

Photography: Gillian Buckley & Davey Moore

Editor: Harry Hutchinson

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Cultural

Produced to mark the occasion of Mick O’Dea’s exhibition The Split. This large format book records a trilogy of exhibitions that focus on significant milestones of the Civil War era in Irish History. The book’s format reflects the large-scale works – paintings that are candid and unapologetic recreations of key historical events; the protagonists; and their supporting cast of combatants. Bold typographic elements battle on the pages for attention. Taking cues from the Proclamation and ephemera of the era, its visual and typographic form celebrates the masculine romanticism of O’Dea’s fascination with the men and women who founded the State.

A limited special edition volume with original artwork was also produced.