Black Mountain

2019 Selection

Designed by Killian Walsh and Jake Heavey at Grandson

Letterpress Printer: Kevin Auer

Print and Scan: Chris Mullen

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial


Brand identity for Black Mountain Recording Studios, a state of the art professional recording studio. Wood-clad, and set high-up in the Cooley Mountains, it boasts panoramic views over the Irish sea, and is a unique location to make music in.

As the studio prides itself on sourcing and curating a specific sound, using vintage equipment and recording methods, we wanted the identity to have soul and resonance.

Logotype –

We worked with Kevin Auer, from The Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection | Art & History Department of University of Texas, Austin. Using a Gothic 8 Line Wood type (Edwin Allen, 1838) – RRK typeset, printed and scanned the type, which we then used.

Logomark –

Focusing on the studio initials, we created a monogram logo mark reflecting the BM curvature, combining the two letters to reflect a mountain, records and tape reels. We then laser cut this to form a wood block, rolled, printed and scanned the mark, to retain all noise, sfumato and character.