Designed by Jack McKeon (Freelance)

Photography: Donal Talbot

Categories: Promotional / Print / Moving Image / Social Media

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Typography / Campaign / Festival / Theatre / Event

Blister by Síofra O’Meara, which was staged during the 2022 Dublin Fringe Festival, is a play which candidly yet humourously explores the taboo of a Herpes diagnosis, and how the play’s characters feel forced to remain together due to the stigma that comes with it. 

To highlight this feeling of being stuck together, The identity for the play features two disparate typefaces joined by a ligature. The ligature also bear a resemblance to a deflated, misshapen love heart, alluding to the doomed nature of the characters’s relationship. This identity remained understated and typographic to allow photography to emphasise the confusion and conflicting emotions that arise from a Herpes diagnosis. This identity and typographic style were then applied across digital and printed promotional material that was distributed during the festival.