Blood Exhibition Design (2014)

Designed by Ruza Leko and Rob Warren at Science Gallery Dublin

Video: Matthew Boyd

Categories: Environmental / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Science / Contemporary art / Craft

Blood is essential for life but it is surrounded by many strange beliefs. This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey from the depths of history and will explore the many aspects of blood that influence our society today from the medical, to bioart and beyond.

The BLOOD exhibition design brief was to create a space of provocation and contemplation; in addition, to enable a subject whose treatment is visceral, artistic, and diverse to be presented in a unified, immersive visitor experience.

Finally, its remit was to create an environment that was adult, avoiding any overly direct interpretation of the subject and allowing for a multi-faceted approach. Use of colour provided an overall visual integrity while allowing the diverse content to stand alone, while furniture and dividing structures helped focus attention on the work while creating an emotive environment that worked to support the content.