Bodies Awakened

2016 Selection

Designed by Cliona Ni Laoi

Co-writer, voice ('My choice' video): Anna Clifford

Sound designer (videos): Frank Sweeney

Extra ('Future is Now' video): Georgia Cusack

Categories: Identity / Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Art direction / Photography


Bodies Awakened is an ‘identity design’ for defiance. It is a ‘branded’ socially conscious project using the power of graphic design, poetry, video and guerilla tactics to speak out against oppression and to fight for women’s rights.

The project is a raw reflection on current issues our Government needs to act upon. The concept compares the freedom of Irish women’s bodies with that of mannequins. Utilising a combination of processes- typography, photography, projections, print, performance, motion graphics and sound (and a mixture of all of these), the project was designed to give multiple layers to a problem continuously swept under a rug. Like pages from a magazine, the posters were plastered around Dublin city, leading to the website and the videos, information and social media channels.