Bord na Móna rebrand


Designed by Martin Fanning at RichardsDee

Creative Director: Simon Richards

Account Director: Celine Dee

Brand Strategy: Amanda Smith

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Despite operating a diverse portfolio of businesses, Bord na Móna is still associated with its ‘peat and heat’ heritage. In order to achieve the level of transformation required by the business, we were appointed to align the ambitious commercial strategy with a revitalized brand strategy. We created the new positioning, Naturally Driven; which not only speaks to the expertise of their employees but also their drive to make the most of our natural resources.

We identified much of the brand fragmentation had arisen from acquisitions that were diluting the master brand so our initial objective was to design a fluid system where all existing and future companies would align behind one brand, and embrace one culture to deliver one vision.

The brand identity bursts to life with an orange gradient, referencing the greatest source of our energy, the sun. This powerful, positive orange palette is then carried through all communications. Each business area within the company is represented by a unique icon inspired by nature. Theses icons in combination with a secondary colour palette give each business its own personality while still aligning them behind one strong master brand.

Bord na Móna is the company it is because of its people. Recognising this we took to the road to capture the people, passion and innovation driving the company forward. To ensure the successful integration of the visual identity system, we have developed brand guidelines, toolkits, and continue to host workshops both for internal stakeholders and partner agencies.