Boyne Hill House


Designed by Emily Kouri at Bossanova

Photography: Ruth Connolly

Brand Strategy: Joan Tallon

Styling: Love & Gatherings

Industry: Commercial

When owner, Caitriona Gavin invited Bossanova to take the grand tour of Boyne Hill House, we could see the potential to create something really special. Set in 38 acres of stunning parklands and gardens, Caitriona’s vision was to create an exclusive private venue for weddings and events. As the estate was being lovingly refurbished, our brief was to give the brand a total transformation.

We began by creating an elegant monogram inspired by the rich heritage and surrounding natural landscape of Boyne Hill House. Working with Ruth Connolly, we captured the romance and character of the estate with beautifully atmospheric photography. A distinctive tone of voice was developed with crafted copy to evoke the unique experience and bring people on a journey.

Implementing the new brand across all print and digital media, there’s been tangible positive results for the business. With lots of potential and big plans for the future, Boyne Hill House continues to evolve as we help create new offerings and opportunities. It is well and truly a labour of love.