Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Tullamaine Distillery


Designed by Paul Devereux at anne+co.

Packaging print: CCL

Video promotion: Vedra Media

Categories: Promotional / Website / Identity / Packaging

Industry: Commercial


We put brand story at the heart of the marketing strategy for Tullamaine Distillery. The more connected customers would feel to the brand story, the more likely they would be to buy these unique spirits. We used Michael Barry’s vibrant family history to shape a distinctive, engaging brand identity that would carve out space in a crowded Irish spirits market.

During a site visit we discovered that Michael’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were also named Michael. Each of these Michaels followed their dreams and used their determination and creativity to establish facinating careers. This inspired the tagline ‘Generations of Remarkable Spirit’.

The face of the brand is one of the original Michaels - Michael Barry V. We created an illustration replicating an original photo using an etched effect. Everything about this illustration feels Irish and genuine. He has the face and expresion of someone you know. This added a warmth and familial feel to the brand.

The distillery logo features a man standing on a horse juggling bottles. An unusual sight and one that captures the bravery and daring spirit that each of the Michaels embodied. The horse from the logo is also a little nod to the original request for the branding to focus on racehorses - a concept that was explored but was not a strong or unique as the family history.

When writing the brand guidelines we ensured some flexibility around the logo and colour palette so that future product ranges could remain consistent and impactful.

Michael also approached us to develop the main website. This was a large project that required photography, copywriting, cocktail recipes and extensive research around botanicals and the history of the area to bring the brand to life.

The final result was a vibrant, memorable design that was premium and in keeping with the vintage, heritage values of the brand. The label blends new and old with primary colours deep black and royal gold with a vibrant, retro blue.