2017 Selection

Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan, Rory Bradley and Brian Heffernan at Aad

Photography: Mike O'Toole

Film: Tom Burke

Music: Gerry Horan

Signage: Extrabrite Signs

Print: Watermans

Print: Masterphoto

Illustration: Julie Saulet

SEO & Language: Kim Gillick

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Art direction / Film


The peninsula of Horn Head in North West Donegal is a location that could credibly claim the title ‘the edge of Europe’. It’s a beautiful, wild place that for the most part is sparsely populated and undeveloped. As such it’s a perfect location to build a modern, high end retreat for those looking to truly escape and get away from it all.

We worked with Catherine and Niall from an early stage. Their vision was to create a world class luxury retreat that celebrated the location, sitting in the landscape rather than disrupting it. Working with local materials, produce, makers and businesses. They wanted to provide a thoughtful, understated experience every step of the way and to ultimately grow these ideas into other businesses in hospitality, food and retail.

We worked closely with them throughout the project, creating a name and visual identity, developing descriptions and content, and delivering a digital and physical experience that made their ideas tangible.

The unique location is central to everything in the project and so we built it into the very fabric of our brand. The house sits on Lurgabrack, or ‘speckled hill’. The word Breac can also mean trout, speckled and stars, all of which capture the unique spirit of place. This idea of the importance of texture, materials and physical experience drove all aspects of the project. From our speckled compass motif that always sits in the northwest corner to imagery that intimately captures the nature of the location at different times of the day and night.