Brightening Air


Designed by Catherine Robertson and Fiona Ennis at Aad

Strategic Partners: wove

Animation: Shaun Phelan

Music: Nouveau Noise

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Social Media

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Campaign / Culture / Brand Identity

Brightening Air was an ambitious initiative from the Arts Council. A unique response to a unique chapter in our history, conceived as a vehicle to support the re-introduction and re-imagining of the live arts as we moved through the pandemic.

We worked closely with the producers to bring it from a seed of an idea to launch in 6 weeks. Alongside our sister company we helped them define the direction, clarify the proposition, establish the right approaches and activity and deliver the elements to launch.

Working within a tight budget and time constraints, the design system focused on a number of bespoke assets that were easy to roll out – allowing the team to generate and brand content with speed.