Brigid Teevan

2019 Selection

Designed by Killian Walsh and Steph Connolly at Grandson

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Brigid Teevan is a relationship and sexuality educator. She works with the parents, as well as educating children on relationships and their sexual health.

It was important for Brigid Teevan when we did this rebrand to have an importance on being inclusive to all people, sizes, ethnicities and genders. With this, we created a welcoming and friendly identity that could showcase educational illustrations that are visually engaging for children, as well as expressive illustrations that are used as a personal style to the brand, to create a moment of pause between the informative and inject some personality into something that is educational for children.

We also created playful and engaging copywriting to persuade her target audience — the parents. The tool that allows this to happen with authenticity is the typography. The language is used to change parents views on sex education and embrace the awkwardness of it. We used two typefaces to highlight and embolden certain messages in our copy and to show the brands diversity.